Home Concept is a leading brand of highly unique designer products including Stand Up Desk, Comfort Mat, Monitor Arm, End Tables and Lampshades.


Home Concept Stand Up Desk – The secret of very productive people. Which allows you to Convert from sitting to standing and back again in a matter of seconds.Improves Circulation, Increases your Energy, Increases your Productivity and Strengthen your Core.

Home Concept Comfort Mat –  Ease the strain of standing at work.  Our 3/4-inch thick high-density”memory”  foam core supports and soothes your legs, back and feet.

Home Concept Monitor Arm – To optimize the sit/stand lifestyle, you need to quickly shift from sitting to standing. The Sit-Stand Monitor Arm is the only device designed specifically for the sit-stand lifestyle.

Home Concept End Tables – Simple designed but incredibly useful, our contemporary tables blend perfectly to your present decor.   A fashionable piece of furniture, adding beauty and convenience to any room.

Home Concept Lampshades – Premium replacement lampshades for a quick home makeover.  HomeConcept Lampshades bring you you a high-quality shade that can be installed in seconds!